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Dear Guests !

As long I can think back, I am living and working near the sea.
I was born few kilometers, let's say two nautical miles away from the Baltic Sea.
Nearly everything what I was doing and probably I will do in future was and will be related to the sea, to shipping, to ship building or to offshore constructions.
I started with an apprenticeship in an east German ship yard. A lot of ships to be built and to be repaired during the 80th. The lessons I learned there, were giving me the basic instruments for further and future developments in knowledge and profession.
One side of the impressions was the noise of a yard, the unbelievable construction work, the smell of paint, tar and oil. The other side was the surrounding water, the energy involved when a dock was submerging and a small piece of felt freedom when a ship was entering or leaving the ship yard.
Later on I studied technology of ship building and became a graduated engineer in this field.
Many different jobs requested me to investigate into new technologies.
To be up to date is the challenge, day by day.
All the photos you see here, I made by myself.
Every photo describes a story, I am more or less involved.
May you will find some ideas and in case of a need, feel free to contact me.

Best Regards

Andreas Hallier

Andreas Hallier

(C) Andreas Hallier 2011
Lisboa, Portugal