Andreas Hallier

Safety and quality of ships beeing built need to be checked from start of production until delivery of the vessel. This matter is requesting a daily follow up of production, the quality in detail, the schedules and further more. In this matter I offer inspection services for steel, paint and outfitting inspections.
In addition progress of work, QA conformances etc. can be checked and reported to client, the whole package of a building supervision.

Project management for marine projects, ship repair and/or ship new building projects can be performed if requested.

Some Ro/Ro or skidding operations on/off barges or deck carriers request ship stability calculations
and loading manuals. All items as tide, wind, ballast capacities, drafts, loads, allowed list and trim etc. need to be checked in advance of a loading or discharging. In this matter I can offer all the calculations and manual preparations as well as the operation management on site if requested.
I don't have any doubts with regard to the execution of submerging operations, done several times.

Marine surveying is a wide field of services. But I perform these services only:

Own facilities and software if special:

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Marine Consultant

Grad. Engineer for
Shipbuilding Technology

Int. Welding Engineer

Marine Projects Management

Building Supervision

Ship Stability Calculations

Marine Surveying
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