Andreas Hallier

Marine Consultant

Grad. Engineer for
Shipbuilding Technology

Int. Welding Engineer

Marine Projects Management

Building Supervision

Ship Stability Calculations

Marine Surveying
(C) Andreas Hallier 2011
The early projects between 1990 and 1997

Portcenter, Rostock, design work, 1990
Otto Versand, Hamburg, project engineer for fire resistible tracing and vent ducts, 1991
Komm Market, Schwerin, project engineer for fire resistible tracing and vent ducts, 1991
Recycling workshop, Rostock, project engineer for shop heating (several 100 KW), 1992
Kronotex AG, Heiligengrabe, delivery of industrial ventilation units, 1992
Volkswerft, Stralsund, planning and delivery of heat exchanger for workshop heating 1992
"Sharm El Sheikh", conversion of an ro-ro carrier to an pilgrim ship, planning and delivery of systems, 1993
Delivery of different systems, most of them exhaust systems in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 1991-1993

Kronotex AG, Heiligengrabe, complete project organisation including engineering and production of a workshop heating system, including thermal oil systems and long distance energy transport (1 MW), 1996
Sometimes design, sometimes project leading HVAC of different office building projects 1994-1997
The drilling rig project in Kvaerner Warnow Werft 1998-2001
The projects since 2002
A park in Suzhou
P.R. of China